Questions & Answers

What is Your Agora?
Your Agora is where ESL Teachers find, create, share and organize educational material, then assign to specific classes and then view their students’ results.

What does ‘agora’ mean?
‘Agora’ is a Greek word that literally means ‘gathering place’ and was used to denote the central square of a city where people would meet to do business, socialize and share ideas. Socrates famously spent a great deal of time in the agora of Athens challenging the wise and inspiring the youth. The Roman equivalent was called a forum.

Who is Your Agora for?
Your Agora is presently designed for teachers of English as a second language and their students. If you are an educator in another discipline and think Your Agora would be great for you, let us know.

Can anyone use Your Agora?
Your Agora offers two ‘panels’. Only teachers can use and access the teacher’s panel and only their students can access the student panel. Teacher’s must fill out an application to gain access and students are invited to specific courses by their teachers. There is no platform for the general public.

Can Your Agora be used without a teacher?
Nope. You need a teacher to use the system.

Can Your Agora be used without access to the internet?
At the very minimum, teachers will need access to the internet. If students are lacking internet access, teachers can print material out for them.

How much does this cost?
If you’re a teacher or student, nothing! It’s Free!

Free, eh? What’s your angle?
Schools partnering with Your Agora will gain access to important insights into whats going on in their classrooms ensuring that standards are being met, teachers are effective and students are happy. If you’re a school administrator, please contact us for pricing information.

I’m a copyright holder. Is there a way to add my content to Your Agora and is there any benefit to me if I do? 
There is no way to make or encourage teachers use your content but you can make it available to them by putting it in our catalog. You may want to do this to make your material known to a wider, non-commercial audience, to support education or for other reasons. Whatever the case, you will retain all rights and are free to change your mind later on. To add your material to Your Agora, contact us at For more information on our terms and conditions see Legal.

Can I invest in or work with Your Agora?
We are a growing company with ambitious goals building on an innovative platform. If you feel you can bring something to the table, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at