Questions & Answers

What does Your Agora offer to my institution?
With the tremendous benefit to both teachers and students, schools using Your Agora will have a substantial competitive advantage over those who don’t. More multimedia integration in and after class with more responsive feedback and less time grading means less stressed, more effective teachers and happier students. You can be at the vanguard now, attract better teachers and more students or risk trying to play catch-up later.

Why should I encourage my teachers to use Your Agora in their courses?

  • Our system conforms to the needs of the teacher and program. Rather than having to train your teachers to teach using our methodology, Your Agora is designed to fit into the curriculum and goals you and your teachers have already established.
  • Your Agora encourages lazy teachers to do more and be better by making their work easier.
  • We help hard-working teachers better organize and find their material.
  • Our catalog of material is open to all teachers to add to and improve upon giving an unprecedented level of freedom, feedback and creative license to every teacher equally.
  • Our catalog seamlessly integrates assessment activities with audio, video, images and texts
  • For most material, students get their results back instantly rather than having to wait for their teachers to grade it.
  • Students can redo their assignments as many times as they like making each assignment of greater educational value.

Are you trying to steal our teachers and students away? Is this a Trojan Horse?
No way. Unlike many other online resources, we’re not designed to compete with or replace schools or teachers but rather to make them better.

How is this any different from any other educational site/program/platform/book?

Firstly, Your Agora is a teacher-oriented system built to make teaching easier and more effective. This makes it easier to implement in your school as it will mean less work for teachers to do.

Secondly, Your Agora focuses as much on delivering the tools for creating and managing material as it does on the material itself. This means Your Agora is adaptable to meet the specific needs of your school rather than offering an identical cookie-cutter solution to every institution.

Thirdly, we can provide real weekly, organic insights into what’s going on in your classrooms. Don’t rely on final grades and teacher assessment surveys at end of a class when it’s too late to fix student discontent. Provide support and solve problems throughout the course to keep students happier and increase retention rates.

What educational standards does Your Agora have?
The content of Your Agora is open to any and all teachers to do with as they wish. This means it is the responsibility of the teacher to choose and create material that meets the standards of their institutions.

Is Your Agora appropriate for young learners?
Certainly. For very young students, materials can be printed out and used the old-fashioned way while still taking advantage of the organizational and creation tools Your Agora offers. For students old enough to use a computer, the Student Panel is simple to use and the content is entirely controlled by you, the teacher.