Questions & Answers

What does Your Agora offer to teachers?

  • Complete integration of multimedia into the classwork and homework assignments. Texts, word lists, videos, and pictures can all be used in abundance with our powerful yet user-friendly platform.
  • Total control of the content that students see. Use it just to share links or to do final exams. It’s all up to you, the teacher.
  • Modification and customization of existing material. Target your student’s interests and needs more effectively and efficiently.
  • Make your own material quickly and easily.
  • A powerful organizational tool. Teachers can find things they have done in the past quickly and easily. Teachers and students can easily print out material at any time.
  • The ability to share and exchange material with a dynamic online community of teachers from across the world.
  • Less time grading. Most assignments are auto-graded instantly, saving you time and eliminating the monotonous grading of homework, classwork, tests, and other material.
  • Fast and easy essay/short answer grading. Get a notification when your student has completed a short answer or essay assignment, review their work, grade it, and give notes and feedback right in the application.

Am I going to lose my job/clients to this platform?
No way! Unlike so many online programs, Your Agora seeks to empower teachers and put them in the driver’s seat.

Is this going to make my job harder?
Just the opposite! Your Agora makes many elements of teaching so much easier than anything else out there by reducing grading times with auto-grading and also allowing you to customize it to your curriculum rather than having to dramatically change your curriculum to fit the platform.

I’m already an experienced, capable teacher and I have my own methods that I am quite comfortable with. Why should I use Your Agora?
Well, if you’ve already got a system down pat, maybe you don’t need Your Agora. Before you go though, let me ask you a few questions:

  • How much time do you spend grading papers?
  • Do you give less homework than you should because it means grading fewer papers?
  • Do you incorporate audio and video into your assignments?
  • Are you meeting all the needs of your students or presenting everyone with the same generic material?
  • How creative are your lessons?
  • How do you know your stuff is so good? Do you get much feedback from students or other teachers?
  • What will happen to all the great material you have made after you retire or move on to another career?

Depending on how you answered these questions, perhaps you should give Your Agora a try after all.

How is this any different from any other educational site/program/platform/book?
Firstly, Your Agora is a teacher-oriented system. We don’t have a fixed curriculum or program that a teacher must follow. The content assigned is whatever the teacher wants it to be. This means that everything a student sees is curated for them by their teacher for their specific course.

Secondly, Your Agora focuses as on delivering the tools for creating and sharing material as it does on the material itself. We believe that given the opportunity, a large community of dedicated teachers coming together will do a much better job of providing material than a small group of experts and their publishers.

Thirdly, we are not ad-based. There are no distracting popups or advertisements masquerading as material.

Will Your Agora work for Skype/online teachers?
Most definitely! Since your students are already at their computers, using Your Agora is a perfect way to organize and structure your class and homework assignments.

Can I still use Your Agora if my students don’t have regular access to the internet? 
Yes you can. As long as you have access to the internet and a printer, you can always print out whatever you like. This means you won’t get to use the auto-grade feature but you can still use our system to find, create and organize great course material.

Can I use Your Agora with my younger students?
Certainly. For very young students, materials can be printed out and used the old-fashioned way while still taking advantage of the organizational and creation tools Your Agora offers. For students old enough to use a computer, the Student Panel is simple to use and the content is entirely controlled by you, the teacher.

Can I keep my content to myself or do I have to share it with other teachers? 
We encourage teachers to save their assignments to the catalog as, sharing, feedback and input are important part of developing quality material. If you want though, you can keep your changes to yourself by only saving assignments to a specific course.

How much does Your Agora cost?
Your Agora is completely free for teachers.